Bill Cosby arrives for the second day of jury selection in his sexual assault case, which begins in suburban Philadelphia June 5.

Bill Cosby arrives for the second day of jury selection in his sexual assault case, which begins in suburban Philadelphia June 5.

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Next week, the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby begins in suburban Philadelphia. Cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, in 2004.

The state brought charges against Cosby after he admitted, in a previously sealed deposition, to giving women Quaaludes without their knowledge for the purposes of having sex with them. At this point, more than 60 women have come forward accusing Cosby of sexual assault, though only Constand’s accusations fell within the statute of limitations.

For the people of Philadelphia, particularly the city’s African American population, the charges have elicited mixed emotions. Cosby has been a great supporter of higher education and the arts in the city and beyond. Plus, The Cosby Show was pioneering for its portrayal of an affluent black family. But allegations of drugging and sexual assault have dogged Cosby for years.

The new pop-up podcast, Cosby Unraveled from WHYY in Philadelphia, takes a look at the complex relationship the people of Philadelphia have with Cosby, especially now. The show also delves into the entertainer’s roots in Philly and his impact on the City of Brotherly Love. Once the trial begins, the podcast will cover it as it unfolds.

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