CNN political commentator Angela Rye is not a woman you want to tangle with.

CNN political commentator Angela Rye is not a woman you want to tangle with.

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CNN political commentator Angela Rye was brought up in the world of advocacy. Her father, Eddie Rye, Jr., was long a fixture in the Seattle’s activist community and often took his daughter along to protests. Activism is part of her DNA. And these days what do good activists need? A podcast.

Rye, former head of the Congressional Black Caucus, launched On One with Angela Rye earlier this year. Since then, she’s talked to Rep. Maxine Waters (aka Queen Maxine), actor Jesse Williams, rapper Common and a whole host of other black change-makers.

The podcast seems like a perfect respite for Rye. She is a bulldog on TV, where she is often pitted against Trump surrogates (if you haven’t seen Rye on CNN, stop reading now and YouTube her. Here’s a good starter video.) On the podcast, she can let her hair down and probe a little deeper. Rye refers to the show as “sophistiratchet” — her own portmanteau to mean a mix of highbrow and lowbrow.

Check out this interview with journalist April Ryan from American Urban Radio Networks (you might remember her dust-ups with both the president and his former spokesman, Sean Spicer).

Tell Me More Stuff To Check Out!

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  • Dear Prudence — The history of the newspaper agony aunt is long and storied. But now in a digital age, advice columns have moved from print to podcast. Slate’s iteration is Dear Prudence, which is now dutifully embodied by New York Times bestselling author Mallory Ortberg. Her advice is pretty solid and she often has help answering thorny questions from friends like writers Roxane Gay, Lindy West and Bim Adewunmi.
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz — Dallas Taylor makes a podcast all about sound. Particularly, the world’s most recognizable sounds. So we asked him to join us on a listening adventure at one of Washington, D.C.’s most iconic soundscapes — Union Station. Specifically, we were interested in the Washington Metro. But while on the train with Taylor, we made a shocking discovery — the human voice on the trains has been replaced by a robot voice. And this matters. Because the way our environments sound matters.
  • Very attractive listener recommendations: SickBoy and BirdNote

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