Nashville poet Destiny Birdsong listens to a storyteller for the podcast, Versify.

Nashville poet Destiny Birdsong listens to a storyteller for the podcast, Versify.

If you’ve ever had a poem written about you, it was likely penned by some puppy-eyed suitor extolling the virtues of your love or other things. But it was probably not written by a stranger. On Versify from Nashville Public Radio and PRX, a stranger is exactly who’s writing the poetry. It’s a show that pairs a storyteller with a poet to create an original poem inspired by the storyteller’s tale. The show charts the creative process and the connection between poet and storyteller. 

Poet Joshua Moore is the host of Versify. He also coordinates the poetry-on-demand program at The Porch Writers’ Collective in Nashville, which is one of the collaborators of this project. If you’re in the area, check out one of their poetry-on-demand events. And maybe get your story “versified,” too.

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