LeVar Burton really wants to read to you. And you should let him.

LeVar Burton really wants to read to you. And you should let him.

Hey, pals!

LeVar Burton has always loved reading aloud. It began when he was in elementary school. His teacher, Mrs. Twig, would often leave the classroom for a cup of tea and when she did, she told little LeVar to read to his classmates until she returned. Little did Burton know that decades later he’d have built a career on reading to people.

From 1983 until 2006, Burton starred in PBS’s “Reading Rainbow” (but you don’t have to take my word for it LOL). Over 21 seasons, Burton brought the magic of reading to kids. It’s a job he took very seriously.

“There are few things that feel to a person like they are more cherished or taken care of,” Burton told us. “I mean there’s being fed, right, and there’s eating. And then there’s someone reading to you.”

Recently, Burton has entered the podcast fray with a new show, LeVar Burton Reads. In it, he reads aloud short stories and provides some context for the stories as well as notes on why he chose them. Of course it’s a natural fit and Burton’s soothing yet spirited voice calls to mind all the times you were read to as a child.

When he’s not reading, Burton does listen to the occasional podcast. Right now he’s binging on Ear Hustle from Radiotopia.  

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